Big data can offer insights into your business, but not without analytics. To utilize analytics you must first curate the data. Where does the data reside, and how can you get access to it? To answer those questions, organizations are discovering that data catalogs can help. This interesting information came to us from Datanami in their article, “Data Catalogs Seen as Difference Makers in Big Data.

Instead of centralizing data in giant HDFS clusters meant to serve the data needs of entire companies or departments, organizations are once again building one-off systems to handle specific data storage, processing, and analytic tasks.

Data catalogs present a way to reduce the difficulty of finding data, whether it’s used for a business intelligence initiative or machine learning and artificial intelligence. Making data findable is key to any success analytics project. In some cases, the catalogs can deliver big impacts to the bottom line.

Melody K. Smith

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