Machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) are often used interchangeably and confused with one another. These applications have become more and more important as emerging technologies grow. KM World brought this interesting information to us in their video, “How NLP and Machine Learning Work Hand-in-Hand.”

NLP is a field within machine learning concerned with the ability of a computer to understand, analyze, manipulate, and potentially generate human language. NLP, machine learning, and deep learning are all parts of artificial intelligence (AI), which is a part of the greater field of computer science.

Machine learning and NLP have some overlap, as machine learning as a tool is often used for NLP tasks. NLP has a strong linguistics component that requires an understanding of how we use language.

It’s almost harder to understand all the acronyms that surround AI than the underlying technology. Couple that with the different disciplines of AI as well as application domains and it’s easy for the average person to tune out and move on. But remember, data is at the center of of it all.

Melody K. Smith

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