Data management is becoming more and more complex, and expensive. The cost and hassle of collecting and preparing data often comes as a shock for some organizations. This interesting topic came to us from The Wall Street Journal in their article, “Data Challenges Are Halting AI Projects, IBM Executive Says.”

International Business Machines Corp. (IBM) executive Arvind Krishna said data-related challenges are a top reason IBM clients have halted or canceled artificial intelligence (AI) projects. Some companies aren’t prepared for the cost and work associated with that going in, he added.

A recent report found that data quality is among the biggest AI project challenges and this comes from the lack of an expert understanding of what data is needed for machine learning models. Without that understanding, it is a struggle to prepare data in a way that’s beneficial.

As most organizations are looking at implementing systems with AI or connecting their business via internet of things (IoT), this becomes especially important.

Melody K. Smith

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