There is growing concern that the trend toward emerging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) is creating a divide. Computer scientists say AI research is becoming increasingly expensive, requiring complex calculations done by giant data centers, leaving fewer people with easy access to the computing power necessary to further develop the technology. The Seattle Times brought this interesting topic to our attention in their article, “Fearing a future of artificial intelligence haves and have-nots.”

Most of the focus has been on the current generation of technology, which includes: search, online advertising, social media and e-commerce. The scientists are worried about a barrier to exploring more of the technological future when that requires copious amounts of computing power.

It can seem like bad conspiracy television when you realize that modern data centers of the big tech companies are sprawling and secretive. The massive buildings contain rack upon rack with hundreds of thousands of computers. The doors are bulletproof. The walls are fireproof. Outsiders are rarely allowed in. No, this is not fiction.

Melody K. Smith

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