Disney + has been the latest bandwagon that everyone has jumped on, and I reluctantly admit even I, who like very little of their productions, signed on for the trial to see what all the fuss was about. Even the seemingly untouchable, can be breached. This interesting topic came to us from ZD Net in their article, “Thousands of hacked Disney+ accounts are already for sale on hacking forums.”

Hackers didn’t waste any time and have started hijacking Disney+ user accounts hours after the service launched. Many users reported that hackers were accessing their accounts, logging them out of all devices, and then changing the account’s email and password, effectively taking over the account and locking the previous owner out. That account information is now available for purchase on hacking sites.

The speed at which hackers have mobilized to monetize Disney+ accounts is somewhat astounding. Computer security experts recommend to a silent Disney thus far, that they could offer support for multi-factor authentication, a simple solution that would prevent attacks relying on password reuse.

Melody K. Smith

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