Did you know there was a Findability Day?

At Access Innovations we believe Findability Day is every day when you use solid custom-built taxonomies to index your data against. Making content findable is what we do.

Information is constantly created and affects each and every one of us at work and at play. Finding correct information can be critical and information overload may be a problem. The question is how to handle the challenges related to information? Findability Day was an event for anyone working with search, findability or information management. Attendees are made up of marketing, IT, and financial professionals from a myriad organizations. The event is November 21, 2019 – today – and it is free.

I realize it is too late to register if you haven’t already, and it is in Sweden. If the last few years has been a focus on how to use artificial intelligence (AI) technology to enhance search, then 2020 will be all about how to use search technology to enrich AI initiatives. Let’s all put this event on our radar for next year and I will watch for any reports out of this year’s gathering.

Melody K. Smith

Sponsored by Data Harmony, a unit of Access Innovations, the world leader in indexing and making content findable.