New tech is challenging for any business. For the government, maybe a little more so. This interesting information came to our attention from Nextgov in their article, “Diverse Perspectives Are Critical When Deploying Emerging Tech, Officials Say.”

Government leaders have the added challenge of linking personnel with diverse perspectives and expertise in their efforts to implement cutting-edge technologies. The variety of experts, skill sets, and tech are almost innumerable.

“It’s uncertain, there’s that uncertainty into it. So you need to actually bring together a variety of different types of experts,” David Maron, the chief of biostatistics at D.C.’s Veterans Affairs Medical Center said at a recent summit. “And so specific areas would be 5G, 3D-printing, artificial intelligence (AI), and even quantum computing—these are the areas where we’re needing to bring in a different variety of skill sets because there isn’t an established understanding.”

This is on top of people like data scientists, who are particularly knowledgeable in AI but also work with colleagues focused on human-centered design. The diversity is good, but still challenging.

Melody K. Smith

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