Cybersecurity can feel like an annoying gnat as each and every day there are a variety of headlines describing every possibly entity that has become a victim of a cyberattack. This interesting information came to us from IoT World Today in their article, “9 IoT Security Principles to Help Reduce Your Attack Surface.”

It can be challenging to quantify cyber risk. The rising numbers of Internet of Things (IoT) devices have compounded the risk by creating a larger and more abstract target, making risk-management even more difficult.

The author of this article outlines several ways (nine to be exact) you can reduce that risk. We want to showcase two of those nine.

Having a clear cybersecurity governance strategy may not be step number 1, but it should be. Organizations should select a governance model to ensure potential problems are elevated to the appropriate stakeholder.

And just when you think everything is covered, don’t forget legacy devices. Some networked devices tend to fade into the background of people’s minds. Devices like a desktop printer or scanner, or even operating systems of days gone by.

Melody K. Smith

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