It seems that every product that includes software advertises itself as leveraging the power of artificial intelligence (AI). With so much hype, a reality check is in order. This interesting topic came to us from CIO in their article, “An achievable view of artificial intelligence.”

Once again, consumers are being regaled with visions of how our lives will be completely upended and millions will be replaced by intelligent machines. I already see a revolution at the grocery store as many shoppers refuse to use the self-check out lanes in opposition of replacing humans with machines. Personally, I seek them out for the efficiency.

Before you bet your technical future on the brave new world of AI, it is important to look at the facts. There have been plenty dystopian visions of AI displacing the human workforce, leading to millions of people whose jobs were taken over by the AI-powered machines. In reality, AI machines draw conclusions that we cannot achieve ourselves because of our limited memory and our slower reasoning abilities. No cashier position will be replaced by AI.

Melody K. Smith

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