Data is always pointed to as the biggest asset an organization possesses. What measures do we take to protect that asset when the office is closed? This interesting topic came to us from Outsell’s blogpost, “Where is Your Data When You Sleep at Night?

Data breaches have been on the rise for several years. Just last year billions of consumers were impacted, with hackers stealing everything from credit card numbers and passport numbers to social security numbers and home addresses.

We think of data as being safe and secure in our machines and too often we don’t think enough about what we have, where it is, or who is caring for it. Our data can’t be secure simply because we wish it to be so. Data has become a key input for driving growth, enabling businesses to differentiate themselves, and maintain a competitive edge.

Although vital, protecting privacy and security doesn’t have to be a complex or daunting task.

Melody K. Smith

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