Looking back at the recent decade and the dramatic changes there have been in the world of information technology, it is ironic to see which predictions came true and which came out of left field. IT World brought us this interesting news in their article, “How open source changed everything — again.

Open source is a good example. Microsoft did a 180 and became the world’s largest contributor to open source. Of course open source wasn’t new in 2010, but much of the news was about “free software” vs. “open source” and of course, lawsuits against Linux. To run open source software, you were still calling IT to provision servers. The cloud changed all that. Developers were immediately freed from the chains of IT. The cloud wasn’t the savior however, just the enabler.

Cloud computing is a model for enabling cost effective business outcomes through the use of shared application and computing services. The value, if possible, is better economics in the execution of business processes.

Melody K. Smith

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