The 21st century has brought us some amazing advancements. The breadth and width of the data and the story that data can tell is unbelievable. This interesting topic came to us from IoT For All in their article, “How Can AI & Machine Learning Transform The Way We Read and Understand Data.

What we take for granted through the magic of analytics would not have even been dreamed a few decades ago. Understanding customers’ behavior, buying thought process and predictive future purchases have been made possible through artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning-based solutions.

There’s more data available than ever and the margins between success and failure for new businesses seem to be narrowing. The successful implementation of AI and machine learning-based solutions could pay dividends for businesses and their understanding of the markets available to tap into.

It has also completely changed the relationship between a business and its customers. How they communicate and relate comes with new knowledge and responsibility.

Melody K. Smith

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