Reports of data breaches seem to arrive in the news every day. This latest data breach isn’t merely the loss of data; it could also put innocent lives at risk. Hot For Security brought this news to us in their article, “Peekaboo Moments app left baby videos, photos, and 800,000 users’ email addresses exposed on the internet.

The developer of a popular smartphone app for recording milestones in young children’s lives, Peekaboo Moments, carelessly left their database accessible to anybody with an internet connection. The result left a database of millions of records containing baby videos and photos exposed potentially to those with nefarious intentions. The data also contained the email addresses of users.

Information dating back to March 2019 was uncovered in the 70 million log files left exposed in the Elasticsearch database administered by Bithouse Inc, the developers of the Peekaboo Moments app.

Despite the apps’ promise that the technology contains “flexible and secure privacy settings, the videos and photos of their newborn children were on a highly insecure database. It was possible to access thousands of baby videos and photographs, as well as the at least 800,000 email addresses contained on the database which was running on a cloud-based server. This is disconcerting.

Melody K. Smith

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