Data breaches and hacks continue to grace the front pages of newspapers and headlines of online articles. This important topic was brought to our attention by Digital Insurance in their article, “Email hack at Delta Dental of Arizona puts patient data at risk.

Cyber security is a concern in every line of business. However, healthcare-related businesses seem to get the lion’s share of attacks. Delta Dental of Arizona began alerting some patients that their information may be at risk after it identified suspicious activity in an employee’s email account.

While the scope of the breach is not yet publicly available, that information soon will be transmitted to the Health & Human Services (HHS) Office for Civil Rights’ data breach web site. The number of those impacted has not been released by the organization.

The unusual activity was first noticed in July. Delta Dental engaged data forensic investigators who confirmed the employee was victimized by an unauthorized individual who gained access to the email account.

Melody K. Smith

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