Recently, Facebook published a whitepaper addressing the need for standardized content regulation. This interesting topic came to us from Social Media Today in their article, “Facebook Publishes New Whitepaper on Standardized Online Content Regulation.

After the Cambridge Analytica scandal and various other issues, media giants (Facebook among them) had increased their spending on lobbyists in order to combat proposals in regards to increased internet regulation. Then Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg backpedaled some, even publishing an opinion piece in The Washington Post, in which he called for “new rules” for the internet, and outlined the specific case for more definitive government regulation.

Though he is not exactly screaming for oversight, this new whitepaper outlines the key questions that need to be addressed in order to implement universal content regulation for web entities, and build a strategic framework for such rules moving forward.

Zuckerberg knows he is walking a fine line between implementing tougher rules on hate speech and the like and alienating users by content regulations for social media. This will be interesting to watch and see how it evolves, especially as the political climate escalates.

Melody K. Smith

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