Zoom has become everyone’s best friend, source of connection and sometimes, biggest challenge. Info Security brought this topic to our attention in their article, “Zoom Brings Renowned Crypto and Bug Bounty Experts on Board.

Since the COVID-19 outbreak has caused most of the country to work and learn from home, video conferencing platforms, like Zoom, have become very popular. Unfortunately also popular to those who do not have the best intentions.

We have all heard about the Zoom bombs displaying porn and political rants in the middle of a business meeting. I am not sure what their end goal is, other than disruption, but it has certainly caused many to take action.

Recently, Zoom has partnered with Luta Security to help rebuild its program with the end goal being bug-free and hacker-resistant. This goal is not only being driven by Zoom, but by many others who utilize the platform, i.e. John Hopkins cryptography expert Matthew Green, former Google privacy technology lead, Lea Kissner, and cybersecurity consultancy NCC Group. They will join former Yahoo and Facebook CSO, Alex Stamos. The cybersecurity dream team?

Melody K. Smith

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