Artificial intelligence (AI) is queued up to play an important role in how future infrastructure networks will help better manage 5G networks and avoid network and service-level failures. Network World brought this topic to us in their article, “How AI will be used to manage 5G networks.

Traditional network and service management approaches are quickly being acknowledged as no longer sustainable. A new framework, pitched at communications service providers, relies on virtualization and network slicing to improve wireless network performance.

The advent of 5G is introducing new challenges for mobile communications service providers and integrating AI techniques into networks is one way the industry is addressing these complexities.

5G will be a prime catalyst for the trend under which more workloads are executed and data resides on edge devices. It will be a proving ground for next-generation AI, offering an environment within which data-driven algorithms will guide every cloud-centric process, device and experience.

Melody K. Smith

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