A recent report by MIT Technology Review Insights examines how chief data officers and heads of analytics at leading organizations are building data infrastructures, services and use cases that drive business value. PR Newswire brought this interesting topic to our attention in their article, “A flexible data architecture is a critical foundation for analytics, AI, and delivering data as a service, says MIT Technology Review Insights.

The report, “Data on demand: Dynamic architecture for a high-speed age,” is written in association with TIBCO, and is based on in-depth interviews with data and analytics leaders at public- and private-sector organizations.

A few of the more interesting findings included how data leaders are analyzing existing and new data sets for hidden value. And that analytics teams must strike a balance between providing access and maintaining control.

Companies are using enterprise data strategies to drive business value chains. Data chiefs are developing tailor-made architectures and platforms aligned to their organization’s business model, goals and key performance indicators.

Melody K. Smith

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