The concept of openness in scholarship is shared by many in the academic, library science and publishing worlds. A newly released book takes a look at the transformation that is leading to more research, more discovery, and more solutions to small and big problems. The American Library Association (ALA) brought this interesting news to our attention in their release titled, “Open access digital scholarship in action.”

Open Praxis, Open Access: Digital Scholarship in Action brings together librarians, scholars, practitioners, policymakers, and thinkers to take measure of the open access digital scholarship movement. The editors, Darren Chase and Dana Haugh, put together critical essays, research, and case studies to offer an authoritative exploration.

With open-access repositories, the highest-quality and most labor-intensive research becomes the primary source. Digital scholarship is the use of digital evidence, methods of inquiry, research, publication, and preservation to achieve scholarly and research goals. An important aspect of digital scholarship is the effort to establish digital media and social media as credible, professional, and legitimate means of research and communication.

Melody K. Smith

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