The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many organizations to think differently about their business functions. Data is central to most of those conversations. This interesting topic came to us from Computer Weekly in their article, “Data for good: building a culture of data analytics.”

People are using data analytics to help identify, learn, diagnose and track. Everything from tracking apps based on GPS data to using data models to help source urgently needed parts within a supply chain. Data has shown itself to be a true asset.

As COVID-19 circles the globe, high-quality data collection and analysis play a critical role in discovering new information about the disease and its spread. From entrepreneurs and technologists to researchers and high school students, the global tech community is leveraging open source data to help make new insights about the pandemic.

In times of crisis like this, decisions need to be better informed than ever before. This means bringing data into the picture to allow organizations to understand both the internal and external factors that could influence the path they take going forward.

Melody K. Smith

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