Space technologies have a long history with disruption. The future will bring additional disruption in the areas of human spaceflight, in-space manufacturing and next-generation communications. This interesting topic came to us from Comptia in their article, “How Emerging Tech in the Space Industry is Driving the Global Data Race.”

One of the most important elements lately has been the integration of emerging technologies into the space ecosystem. Cloud computing, additive manufacturing, machine learning and analytics are all transforming the business of space data.

Organizations in the space industry are making more progress by integrating multiple pioneering technologies than by piloting new tools one at a time.

Other organizations should look beyond the digital frontier—toward
a future state in which transformation occurs across all mission
portfolios and operating organizations. As industry and government leaders work to reshape their organizations, acquisition processes and missions to take advantage of new digital capabilities, they will require a newly focused sector.

Melody K. Smith

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