Artificial intelligence (AI) has applications in every part of life, both personal and professional. We already recognize its contributions to the healthcare arena, but are still amazed at what emerging technologies can accomplish. Venture Beat brought this interesting news to us in their article, “AI startup steps in to unlock the puzzle of infertility with machine learning.”

It is common to think of science solving healthcare challenges, like infertility. However, you don’t think of technology being responsible. As it matures, machine learning has been applied to more and bigger challenges. One of the more recent is a cloud-based web application that uses machine learning built on Amazon Web Services (AWS) to offer better outcomes for patients undergoing in vitro fertilization (IVF).

IVF is not a precise science. For a patient over 35 years old, the chances of delivering a single full-term baby of normal birth weight with IVF are less than 20% per cycle. IVF is not cheap and takes its toll both physically and emotionally on the patient and family. With this machine learning application, the time to pregnancy can be reduced by an average of 15%.

Melody K. Smith

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