2020 paved the way for some unsuspecting stars of technology. In healthcare, telemedicine is the reigning underdog taking the crown. In business, the cloud has become the enterprise technology hero of 2020. Analytics Insight brought this to our attention in their article, “What is ‘DX on Steroids’ in Cloud Computing?

Businesses were ready to adapt to remote working because of cloud infrastructure, which enabled them to be flexible and scalable to a highly unprecedented business climate.

With COVID-19-fueled investments, cloud-computing startups came up with new investments and customer accounts, with many companies adapting to cloud-related projects to be ahead of the competition. Cloud-computing funding deals worldwide reached a three-year high of 97 during the second quarter, with investors investing around US$3 billion into startup deals between April and June.

The development in cloud-computing startups this year has recorded an increase in remote working and the desire for enterprises to invest in operating expenses instead of capital expenses in unprecedented times.

Melody K. Smith

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