The Joint Biosecurity Centre (JBC) has enlisted The Alan Turing Institute and Royal Statistical Society (RSS) to lend their statistical-modeling and machine learning expertise to help predict coronavirus outbreaks and inform the response in the United Kingdom (UK). Public Technology brought this information to our attention in their article, “Government taps AI and machine learning to analyse Test and Trace data.”

Under this new partnership, the UK’s national institute for data science and artificial intelligence (AI) will set up a virtual statistical-modelling and machine learning laboratory to provide independent analysis of National Health Services (NHS) Test and Trace data.

The new joint lab will help to identify areas where coronavirus is spreading, to allow the government to respond to outbreaks more quickly. This approach to managing and analyzing the data coming in from the COVID-19 pandemic will help to learn from the virus, identify immunity and inform contagion factors to better forecast of how the virus could spread around hotspots.

Melody K. Smith

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