In the world of artificial intelligence (AI), genuine relationships aren’t something you normally think of, considering we are talking about technology. This interesting topic came to us from Inman in their article, “Artificial intelligence powers genuine relationships.”

Customer service and relationship building hit a brick wall when the COVID-19 pandemic hit earlier this year. How can you engage and build lasting business relationships when you can’t shake hands or even be in the same room? Chatbots are efficient, but even with the advanced technology these days, they still feel robotic and impersonal. Technology can be a good assistant, but it cannot (at least yet) replace the human touch.

In the world of real estate, this is especially true. COVID-19 has separated the transactional brokers from emotional brokers. The first dealing with the logistics of the situation only. The latter bridging the gap left by technology with personal connections, even remotely.

Melody K. Smith

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