Taxonomies, categories, classifications – whatever you call them, they provide order and hierarchy. This interesting information came to us from Venture Beat in their article, “App Annie: Game IQ is a taxonomy to help publishers understand mobile game categories.”

Biologists have created and continue to perfect a taxonomy of animals to help us understand the natural world better. Mobile insights and analytics firm App Annie is doing the same for games with the launch of Game IQ, a new taxonomy service that uses data science to categorize thousands of apps in a way that helps publishers better understand audiences.

This new app can put each game into a category that includes a genre, a subgenre and modifier tags, as well as intellectual properties. Because game creators haven’t added a lot of nuance, initially marketers couldn’t go as deep into the data. If a mobile marketer wanted to find out exactly which game competes with theirs, that analysis would’ve been tricky before. More than 27,000 games have already been categorized.

Melody K. Smith

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