HealthStream has acquired ShiftWizard, Inc., which provides a software as a service-(SaaS) based solution that integrates key workforce management capabilities, including scheduling, productivity and forecasting. Business Wire brought this interesting news to our attention in their article, “HealthStream Acquires ShiftWizard, Expanding Its Nurse & Staff Scheduling Solutions for Healthcare Providers.”

This is an emerging area of its workforce solutions that supports healthcare professionals and their management in effective staff scheduling. When healthcare organizations can maximize staff availability, it minimizes costs and improves patient care. Properly matching caregivers to patient needs is enhanced with this technology.

These capabilities are particularly important in the current COVID-19 environment with hospitals’ heavy patient loads. The ability to effectively reallocate staff across the organization is critical in meeting patient-care demands during a pandemic.

In addition, it improves staff retention. After investing time and resources into training and on-boarding personnel, this is worth the investment.

Melody K. Smith

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