Data is integral to every organization in every industry. That is no different for the gaming industry. In fact, wouldn’t data be obviously important to an industry that relies on statistics? This interesting topic came to our attention from iGB in their article, “The case for sports betting data standards.”

It is imperative to have accurate and reliable sporting event data for betting operators. Ensuring that the data supply chain is robust and secure has become the primary task for many responsible regulated operators.

The first gambling professionals to utilize analytics were bookmakers. They use big data to establish realistic gambling odds, based on analyzing previous games and scoring patterns. Both bookmakers and gamblers can use data to streamline their analysis of odds.

Online casinos use big data to make adjustments to their platforms, as well as marketing campaigns. 

Both sides of the table can benefit from data analytics. Players can use data to determine winning odds, while the casino can utilize analytics to improve the user experience.

Melody K. Smith

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