Obviously when you see headlines like “Mind-controlled wearable makes its debut” or “Let your mind take control”, they are meant to pique your interest, but still might be a little over the top. This interesting information came to us from Venture Beat in their article, “NextMind ships its real-time brain computer interface Dev Kit for $399.”

When you realize they don’t mean mind control as in world domination but virtual reality in gaming, things get less threatening.

That’s not to say that virtual reality and gaming are not serious industries as they are certainly economically sound. NextMind is part of a growing number of startups building neural interfaces that rely on machine learning algorithms. They are also developing a noninvasive device — an electroencephalogram (EEG) worn on the back of your head, where your brain’s visual cortex is located.

Even though it is hard to ignore the more morbid military applications of this technology, one does wonder what other tools or technologies do developers still require to reach this hypothetical fusion of artificial intelligence and simulated reality?

Melody K. Smith

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