When someone uses the word “imagination” when it comes to financial matters, I might get a little nervous. Bookkeeping feels pretty straightforward. However, technology has opened the doors for some out of the box approaches. The Financial Times brought this interesting topic to our attention in their article, “Chipmaker Imagination Technologies kicks off strategic review.”

The new chief executive of Imagination Technologies recently announced a strategic review in an effort to bolster the company’s growth in emerging chip technologies. When it comes to data, artificial intelligence (AI) is critical to collect, analyze and report the story of data. Emerging technologies are key, regardless of the line of business, to managing data at the level required in this time of automation.

Financial services firms are increasingly working to meet customers where they are, with tailored products and services at the moment of need, or in anticipation of the need. Emerging technology clusters are enabling granular data collection alongside timely analysis and secure information sharing, helping firms identify what services would most benefit each customer and when.

Melody K. Smith

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