It was only a matter of time, I suppose. Smart technology and emerging technologies have permeated every part of our lives from business to financial to household management, why wouldn’t it find its way into our bedrooms. This interesting topic came to us from Linked In in their article, “Sex Bots, Virtual Reality, And Smart Sex Toys – The Future Of Intimacy.”

Intelligent lightbulbs, doorbells, refrigerators, and sex toys? This new facet of smart technology has also created a new word – sextech. More on the subject here from Wikipedia. More and more people are inviting artificial intelligence (AI) into their personal lives and that brings with it some security concerns.

Sextech is actually a $30 billion industry and growing. With this type of fast growth, there is often overlooked issues around security. Sextech security concerns are less about someone hacking the device itself, the bigger problem is the app that is required to be on your phone. That’s where compromises are more likely to happen and where users have more control.

While innovation has clearly changed, it must be balanced with a real concern for security.

Melody K. Smith

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