Data migration is likely one of the more boring tasks of a system implementation. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t important. A successful migration requires preparation and planning to meet business needs and maintain the integrity of the data. This interesting topic came to our attention from Pharm Tech in their article, “How To Execute Successful Data Migrations.”

Why is planning important? Many migration efforts fall short due to land mines like project delays, cost overruns, delivery challenges and bad data. Insufficient planning often stems from the failure to view data migration efforts as their own project and not one step in a larger project.

Data migration is in concept, a simple task. Data migration consists in transferring data stored from a source system to a destination one without affecting operations. Moving data from one software system to another is always challenging—but when it comes to content management data migration, the fact that you’re moving tens to hundreds of millions of records across systems makes this kind of migration especially complex.

Melody K. Smith

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