The Internet of Things (IoT) has been around for a while and new applications are continuing to be identified. Artificial intelligence (AI) is certainly not new and touches all of our lives, both personal and professional, in more ways than we likely even realize. Together, these two emerging technologies have new potential. This interesting topic came to us from the Visual Capitalist in their article, “AIoT: When Artificial Intelligence Meets the Internet of Things.”

Together IoT and AI create AIoT, resulting in a smart, connected network of devices that seamlessly communicate and unleash the power of data faster and better.

From its most basic applications, like tracking our fitness levels, to its wide-reaching potential across industries and urban planning, the growing partnership between AI and the IoT means that a smarter future could occur sooner than we think.

This new fusion is quickly becoming more popular and will push the boundaries of data processing and intelligent learning for years to come.

Melody K. Smith

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