The cost of prescription drugs is always a hot topic, from consumers and pharmaceutical companies. How much does it cost to get medicine to market? It is constantly debated and changing, but one estimate puts the average cost of developing a single FDA-approved drug at $2.7 billion. This interesting subject came to us from Built In in their article, “The Line Between Data Lakes and Data Warehouses is Blurring. Will It Disappear?”

In 2014, in pursuit of more streamlined integration, AstraZeneca decided to leave behind its legacy, on-premises data processing and storage setups and move to the cloud. Its team set up a data lake and used a Talend API to direct the data coming from that mess of systems. They discovered that data lakes give you more speed than a traditional data warehousing world where things have to be modeled, transformed and fitted.

With this move, they were able to cut a month off clinical trial times. Given that the full drug discovery pipeline can stretch well over a decade, this is significant.

Melody K. Smith

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