Smart glasses are back and with more benefits than ever. This interesting information came to us from Open Access Government in their article, “AI smart glasses: Aiding maintenance work of highway equipment.”

One Dutch startup has teamed up with Google Glass to create a set of artificial intelligence (AI)-powered spectacles that help blind and visually-impaired people to see. That is just one use out of many.

Keio University developed smart glasses with AI facilities to support the maintenance work concerning highway equipment. This maintenance work requires physical motion alongside various kinds of knowledge, including both formal knowledge from manuals and more subtle knowledge from skilled workers.

A Chinese company has produced smart glasses which use thermal imaging to detect whether someone has a fever. This is being used to help safely screen for COVID-19. Unfortunately, coronavirus particles cannot be seen.

These applications have one thing in common – ontologies to define the structure and function of device components for better decision making.

Melody K. Smith

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