With the pandemic forcing organizations to think differently, technology like artificial intelligence (AI) is making huge inroads in the enterprise market. This interesting information came to us from Business Standard in their article, “Voice-based AI platforms flourished in pandemic, breaking language barriers.”

The COVID-19 pandemic forced companies around the world to work remotely and this changed nearly everything about work habits. So technology companies everywhere stepped up and met that challenge by accelerating what were already emerging technologies.

Things like unified communications and collaboration, videoconferencing and cloud computing have skyrocketed since the start of the year, but AI is becoming a part of our working lives at a rapid pace.

Advancement in the technology that drives virtual assistants, voice recognition applications and video conferencing have made them irreplaceable in the eyes of employers and employees.

As our communities begin the slow process of opening up for business and emerging from the shelter of our homes, what will we find? Given our newly formed habits of social distancing, people will likely seek more touchless and voice-enabled experiences.

Melody K. Smith

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