If you have been a frequent reader of TaxoDiary, you know that I like finding odd and unique taxonomies. I like knowing that taxonomies exist in all parts of our lives, not just information science or biology. Speaking as a book lover, one particular taxonomy caught my attention. Vulture brought this interesting and intriguing information in their post titled, “A Guide To Jane Austen’s Leading Men on Screen.”

Who among my other bibliophiles are Jane Austen fans? Maybe the better question is who isn’t? During the strangeness and chaos of 2020 I found myself looking at old favorites in both book and film to take me away from reality. 2021 looks to be following suit.

So when I saw this article highlighting the similarities and differences between Jane Austen’s leading men, my mind went to a taxonomy. Fair warning, the article has some strong language and opinions. For me, I can never pass up a good Alan Rickman character.

Melody K. Smith

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