Cloud computing strategies for 2021 are already showing trends. This interesting topic came to our attention from CIO in their article, “7 enterprise cloud strategy trends for 2021.”

2020 and the pandemic changed many things in the world. Few things were left untouched, but healthcare, education and technology certainly got hit the hardest.

Organizations began to look at cloud computing in a different way, given the transformative way work was being done, data was being shared and businesses were functioning. Migrating applications to a combination of public and private cloud provided organizations greater business agility.

With anything new, there are challenges. While hybrid cloud environments do offer a high level of control, flexibility and security, they also deliver a new level of complexity.

Creating a cohesive environment from private and public clouds requires a deep understanding of where to place workloads, how to build the infrastructure to support it and implementing a consistent set of processes and policies. Not all applications will best fit in a cloud environment.

Melody K. Smith

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