Even for some in the business, it feels like artificial intelligence (AI) functions and machine learning tasks happen behind the scenes in a magical sort of way. Intellectually, we know that data professionals are engaging in data science, but their roles are often missed when it comes to contributing to business functions such as analytics. Customer THINK brought this interesting topic to us in their article, “Who Does the Machine Learning and Data Science Work?”

In a recent survey of over 19,000 data professionals, nearly 2/3 of respondents said they analyze data to influence product/business decisions. Only 1/4 of respondents said they do research to advance the state of the art of machine learning.

Data-driven decision making is imperative. By implementing the right reporting tools and understanding how to analyze your data accurately, you will be able to make the kind of data-driven decisions that will drive your business forward. By leveraging the wealth of digital insights available at your fingertips and embracing the power of business intelligence, it’s possible to make more informed decisions that will lead to growth and evolution.

Melody K. Smith

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