Speech technology has continued to develop and progress over the years. Its value and application has been highlighted during the pandemic in many applications. KM World brought this news to our attention in their article, “Using speech technology to make real-time decisions at KMWorld Connect 2020.”

Jans Aasman CEO, Franz Inc., discussed some of the potential applications of speech technology during his KMWorld Connect 2020 presentation last year. This talk covered the work Franz does to analyze spoken conversations in retail situations, customer service scenarios and mission-critical applications along with the additional challenges of making sure speech-to-text technology can deal with domain concepts.

Text analytics continues to grow, but speech is not lagging behind. Voice recognition is becoming part of everyday life. Who among us doesn’t have Alexa at home or Siri activated on our iPhones?

For business applications, it is important that organizations utilize a speech recognizer that provides both real-time and batch processing. What 2021 will bring in this technology will be interesting to see.

Melody K. Smith

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