Ready to launch your next marketing campaign and a pandemic starts spreading across the globe. Not the best of circumstances, but never fear. The Scholarly Kitchen brought this topic to our attention in their article, “Marketing Amidst a Pandemic.”

Marketing is vital even in this unprecedented time we are living in. The approach shouldn’t change during this time, but there are tactics you can employ that will help make your campaign successful. Messaging is the most important part of any marketing campaign and that has never been more true than in the time of this coronavirus outbreak. There is an opportunity for a deeper engagement with your clients by listening and learning.

When it comes to events, be sure to re-evaluate anything already scheduled to be sure the content is still appropriate and sensitive to the current climate.

Data analytics continues to be as important as it ever was. Monitoring the performance of your marketing is always important. It’s even more important now, when informed reactivity is the most responsible approach. Segment your analysis as finely as makes sense for your program to allow you to refine and pivot approach as needed.

Melody K. Smith

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