To understand the impact that artificial intelligence (AI) has on market research, it is first important to be clear about what exactly AI is and what it is not. AI is the intelligence displayed by machines, often characterized by learning and the ability to adapt. It is not the same as automation. This interesting topic came to us from Enterprise Irregulars in their article, “How A Startup Uses AI To Help You Find The Market Research You Need.”

From recruitment to data collection and analysis, automation is simply the set of rules that a machine follows to perform a task without human assistance. When complex logic and branching paths are introduced, it can be difficult to distinguish from AI. But, there is an important difference. Even in it’s most complex forms, when a task is automated, software follows the instructions it has been given. The software does not make any decisions or learn something new each time the process runs.

Learning is what distinguishes AI from automation. And it is what offers the greatest opportunities for those that embrace it.

Melody K. Smith

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