Technology has long been involved in the making and curating of the content of our diets. More and more startups are developing technologies geared towards agriculture. Technology helps food manufacturers to produce more efficiently for a growing world population. Improving shelf life and food safety revolves around technology, and greater use of machines and software ensures affordability and consistent quality. This interesting topic came to our attention from Linked In in their article, “Artificial Intelligence And Whisky Making: The Perfect Blend?

So combining technology with our liquor isn’t that far of a stretch, is it?

The current alcohol universe includes items never considered in the past such as ice creams, confections and infused beverages developed as a result of emerging manufacturer abilities. New services and technological advances provide alcohol consumers with convenience and savings that has spread across the United States and internationally.

An award-winning Swedish distillery has launched the world’s first whisky created using an artificial intelligence (AI) program. Machine learning is being launched to expedite and perfect the tasting and experimenting process that was once only done by master blenders.

The AI system analyzed 70 million possible combinations and created a framework for creating innovative new recipes that taste great based on previously established parameters from customer ratings, sales data and evaluations from experts.

So the next time you clink those glasses together, remember to include technology in your toast.

Melody K. Smith

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