Since the pandemic arrived, researchers in the United States have been prioritizing projects to focus on COVID-19. This crisis has highlighted the critical need for machine learning and imaging analysis tools to support big data initiatives. Becker’s Health IT brought this interesting information to our attention in their article, “Why data storage, AI, cloud computing have been vital for COVID-19 research.”

At the Center for Clinical Data Science, multidisciplinary teams with artificial intelligence (AI) skills have been vital for organizing and sifting through COVID-19 data sets. The work required large amounts of data storage, easy access to data and enough computer power to build complex AI models.

AI algorithms have been valuable in numerous ways, including using the models to predict which COVID-19 patients will require more advanced treatments and to identify how many intensive care unit beds would be needed at a particular time. Now it is even being considered for distributing and tracking vaccinations.

Melody K. Smith

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