Everyone thinks technology is great until it starts intruding into their area of expertise or their actual job. The age-old fear of technology replacing human resources doesn’t help debunk this defense. This interesting information came to us from Tech Crunch in their article, “Unbounce snags Snazzy.ai to add automated copywriting to platform.”

Snazzy.ai, an early-stage automated copywriting startup has been procured by Unbounce, which focuses on helping customers convert their customers into sales. With Snazzy, it gets some boost with artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

Automatic content creation and now copywriting will get many nervous, but Snazzy co-founder Chris Frantz says the tech is really about getting people started, and then they can tweak the results as needed. The tool lets the user write a range of copy, from landing pages to Google ad copy.

The company plans to leave Snazzy as a standalone product, while incorporating the tech into the platform in ways that make sense in the coming year. This will be good news for current users.

Melody K. Smith

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