Artificial intelligence (AI) continues to demonstrate value in various fields. The latest is in fighting crime. This interesting news came to us from the Express & Star in their article, “Stafford duo helping police fight organised crime with their new AI technology.”

One technology company has developed AI technology for digital forensics which is being used by police across the globe.

This technology is able to sift through evidence with the help of automated searches based on visual similarity or recognition of faces, age, emotion, nudity and a variety of object types. Additionally, cases involving child exploitation, counter terrorism, human trafficking, and other serious organized crime utilize digital forensics to track perpetrators.

Also, by using AI, companies can identify areas of potential crimes such as fraud, money laundering and terrorist financing – in addition to crimes such as employee theft, cyber fraud and fake invoices – to help public agencies with prosecuting these offenses much more effectively and efficiently.

Melody K. Smith

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