When it comes to capturing data, especially digital data, tools can be an invaluable asset. This interesting topic came to us from The Scholarly Kitchen in their article, “Article Sharing Framework: Facilitating Scholarly Sharing Through Metadata.”

The ability of sites to capture, index and republish digital content has created an assortment of tools and services available online. Storing the answers to your queries beyond just a link is a good example. There are several sites that provide this service. These tools are popular among researchers as they help organize, cite, discover and share articles to showcase work, foster collaboration and advance the scholarly discourse.

However, there are also concerns around copyright laws and plagiarism. Content sharing and republishing often includes copyrighted or rights-protected works, which can be a legal grey area. While there have been some legal precedents that exempt digital duplication from copyright infringement lawsuits, outside the United States there has been some ambiguity.

Melody K. Smith

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