Data analytics tells stories, gives insights and provides a foundation for strategic decisions. It can also save lives. This interesting information came to us from Health IT Analytics in their article, “Data Analytics Tool Distinguishes Cancer Cells from Normal Cells.”

A data analytics tool has been developed to evaluate complex gene expression information and distinguish cancer cells from normal cells in tumor samples.

Researchers have historically studied tumors as a mixture of all cells present, many of which are not cancerous. With the emergence of single-cell RNA sequencing in recent years, researchers are able to analyze tumors in much greater resolution.

A team from The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center developed a new data analytics algorithm called the CopyKAT (copy number karyotyping of aneuploid tumors) model. CopyKAT increases accuracy by adjusting for the newest generation of single-cell RNA sequencing data. 

This ability to accurately predict genetic disease risk in individuals is a critical advancement that can positively affect patient outcomes.

Melody K. Smith

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