Business leaders need to understand the importance of harnessing digital transformation to encourage growth, accelerate time to market and foster innovation. It has never been more vital to not only endure against current challenges and intensify competition, but to be equipped to forge ahead and succeed. What is stopping or slowing them down? CDO Trends brought us this interesting information in their article, “Breaking the Data Barriers to Digital Transformation.”

Businesses face a range of barriers such as inherited data silos, poor data governance, drawn-out data science cycles and lack of collaboration. They know the importance and value of data assets, but unlocking that value is not as easy as it sounds.

According to projections, 80% of worldwide data will be unstructured by 2025, including a growing volume of unstructured and semi-structured data such as streaming audio and video, social media, clickstream, sensor and log data.

There are many steps business leaders need to take, but near the top of that priority list should be an established and, if possible, automatic data governance. Automated governance is essential to ensure that data can be trusted and enables self-service access to help data scientists quickly access the right data. Clean, trusted data from structured and unstructured sources that can easily be found, accessed, managed, and protected.

Melody K. Smith

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