SAGE Publishing is now offering open reviewer reports via the Web of Science™ transparent peer review service. This interesting news came to us from Sage Publishing in their release titled, “SAGE Publishing Partners with Clarivate to Offer Transparent Peer Review to Authors and Reviewers.”

The program enables transparent publication of an article’s complete peer review process, from initial review and response through to revision and final publication decision.

While choosing a journal to target for a publication, there are many important factors to keep in mind. The research must be relevant to the chosen journal. Which journal gives the best chance of the paper being accepted? The impact factor of the journal is very important. It depends on the average number of citations received by articles published in the journal. This gives insight into how much exposure the article is likely to get.

All eligible published articles at Sage will now be accompanied by a link to the full peer review history. This is designed to help authors demonstrate that their manuscript has been through rigorous peer review, while also enabling reviewers and editors to gain recognition for their work.

Melody K. Smith

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